Summary of Library Documents & Databases

One of BCTLA's member benefits is the TrialSmith Litigation Bank. Members can search the library for free and download depositions, briefs, pleadings, verdict/settlement information and much more for a nominal fee. TrialSmith is endorsed by 52 state trial lawyer associations and exclusively serves the plaintiff bar.


Deposition Library
The deposition library contains both plaintiff and defense expert testimony. All documents are full text searchable can be instantly viewed or downloaded online.
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Gate Keeping Documents
Cases and actual briefs relating to experts who have been challenged in "Gate Keeping" cases (Daubert, Kumho, Frye) based on the expert's methodology and qualifications.
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Briefs & Motions
The BCTLA library also contains briefs, pleadings, motions contributed by your colleagues. More than 12,000 documents can be instantly viewed or downloaded from Click here to search for briefs & motions contributed by plaintiff lawyers from across the country.

National Case Law Library
BCTLA members can view more than 5.5 million documents from our National Case Law library. The library includes state and federal case law since 1950 and is updated within 24-48 hours of the courts' decisions.

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BCJA Discussion List Archive
View all of your BCTLA list server messages online and quickly locate Emails relevant to your search. For more information on how to participate on a BCJA list server, contact Jodi Lippman, 954.522.1662 or TrialSmith Technical Support at 800.443.1757

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