Welcome to www.BrowardJustice.net, the official website for the Broward County Trial Lawyers Association. Our organization was founded to serve members of the legal profession who focus on civil litigation, as well as the judiciary of Broward County, Florida.  We publish a newsletter and hold monthly dinner meetings featuring guest speakers and case evaluation seminars, where attendees can present cases to a panel for analysis and discussion.

Our newest resources includes online member applications and renewals, signup for our monthly dinner meetings, and our deposition and document Library, which features fully searchable and downloadable documents and full-text transcripts that are submitted by members.


Our Mission

Through our members, the Broward County Trial Lawyers Association seeks justice for Florida's consumers with the goals of safety and accountability.  Collectively we believe that we can shift the power against large corporations and industries making our society a safer place for our families one case at a time.  We believe in access to the court system and the Constitutional right to trial by jury.